Color-correcting the shit out of porn. Because I have Photoshop (I'm a designer when my pants are on) and like seeing dudes naked. Send photos if you want 'em spiffed up. I generally don't reblog, and since each photo takes time, the output is low. Sorry. I know you want more.

17th October 2011

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Curious how I created this image? Here’s a step by step on my color correction process.

1. First, we find an awesome image on the internet. Thank you google images. This is a great photo of a hot shower blowjob. How I’d love to be either guy in there.

2. Now we assess what could be better. The lighting shows off the standing guy’s abs, but the best part—the mouth on cock part—is a bit dark. I lightened up the cock to start.

3. Then I lightened up the sucker’s face,

4. And then evened out the lighting a bit.

5. I darkened the stud’s body to reduce him as a focal point, and also highlight the glistening water.

6. Next, we brighten the background to increase contrast and bring the action to the forefront.

7. Brightening up the image overall works wonders, and I made the photo a bit cooler in temperature by bringing down the reds.

8. Adding a little vignetting really pulls the image together.

9. The end! See the before and after. 

Want me to spruce up your photos? Send ‘em over!

17th October 2011


See how I made this here.

See how I made this here.

12th September 2011

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Photoshopped cock

Photoshopped cock

4th September 2011

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3rd September 2011

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2nd September 2011


lionsbite said: Just wanted to tell you i love the concept of your tumblr. :)

Thanks! It’s still fairly new, and the more comments like that I get, the longer I’ll keep doing this.

1st September 2011

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31st August 2011

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30th August 2011

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29th August 2011

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